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We stock an extensive range of paints from notable brands and are an elite Farrow & Ball stockist

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Farrow & Ball


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Farrow and Ball F&B is well known for responding to all types of light, Farrow & Ball's highly pigmented paint and handcrafted wallpaper deliver a unique depth of colour and quality of finish which brings walls to life. Here at Splendid, we hold a large range of finishes, in various tin sizes, including sample pots for all 132 colours. Teamed with stocking their wallpapers, Splendid have all the tools to help you achieve a true Farrow & Ball look.

We stock a large range of F&B so please call us on 01608 646400 to check stock availability

F&B paint finishes

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Little Greene


Little Greene is an independent, British paint manufacturer, of high quality paints and wallpapers. With over 190 traditional and contemporary paint colours to choose from, Little Green also provide a ‘Colour scales’, ‘Grey’ or ‘Green’ colour card. We stock all sample pots of Little Greene paint in store, and can order any size and finish they have available on a FREE next working day delivery, if ordered before 2pm. This also goes for Paint and Paper Library paints.

LG paint finishes

Absolute Matt Emulsion

Absolute Matt Emulsion is the classic finish for interior walls and ceilings. It's a water-based, environmentally friendly paint and dries to an incredibly flat finish that exudes character. Absolute Matt Emulsion is available in 5L, 2.5L and 1L tin Environmentally-friendly Water-based A beautiful flat finish for walls & ceilings Certified completely safe for children's rooms ('Toy Paint Regulations' BSEN71-3:2013) Gloss level - 3% (very matt) Covers approx 14 square metres per litre (one coat) Available in all colours Prices: Samples £4.95 1L Absolute Matt Emulsion £24.50 2.5L Absolute Matt Emulsion £48.50 5L Absolute Matt Emulsion £85.00

Intelligent Matt Emulsion

Intelligent Matt Emulsion is Little Greene's ground breaking paint. It's matt, environmentally friendly and completely washable. This makes it suitable for all areas of your home including kitchens, bathrooms, children's rooms and high-traffic hallways. Environmentally-friendly Water-based Washable Great for walls & ceilings Can even be used on woodwork and radiators Certified completely safe for children's rooms and furniture ('Toy Paint Regulations' BS EN71-3:2013) Gloss level - 5% (very matt) Covers approx 14 square metres per litre (one coat) Available in all colours Prices 1L Intelligent Matt Emulsion £27.00 2.5L Intelligent Matt Emulsion £53.00 5L Intelligent Matt Emulsion £91.50

Intelligent Eggshell

Intelligent Eggshell Formulated to resist moisture, staining and general wear and tear, Intelligent Eggshell has a tough yet subtle finish and is a superb paint for woodwork and kitchen and bathroom walls. It will give tremendous service in a busy home and is an ideal solution for those who want durability with a soft, low-sheen finish. Environmentally-friendly Water-based Fully washable Suitable for most surfaces including walls, woodwork and primed metals such as radiators and pipework. Certified completely safe for children's rooms and furniture ('Toy Paint Regulations' BS EN71-3:2013) Gloss level - 15% (low) Covers approx 14 square metres per litre (one coat) Available in all colours Prices 1L Intelligent Eggshell £33.00 2.5L Intelligent Eggshell £68.00 5L Intelligent Eggshell £122.50

Intelligent Exterior Eggshell

Intelligent Exterior Eggshell A high performance, self-priming opaque wood finish with excellent penetration, making it one of the smartest choices for exterior joinery. Available in all colours Virtually odourless Extremely durable, flexible finish Inhibits mould and algal growth Weather resistant and completely washable Suitable for all exterior woodwork Can also be used on suitably primed metalwork Self-priming on new and bare wood Surface dry in hours, recoat in 16 hours Low Sheen (15%) Prices 1L Intelligent Exterior Eggshell £36.00 2.5L Intelligent Exterior Eggshell £73.50

Intelligent Satinwood

Intelligent Satinwood A water-based, satin-finish wood paint suitable for painting kitchen cabinets, wooden furniture (for example chairs, tables, wardrobes), wooden trims and walls. Intelligent Satinwood is extremely hard wearing and able to withstand the many knocks delivered to kitchen cabinets and wooden furniture! A dream to apply, the paint is dry within four hours so life can continue with very little interruption. It is also washable and low odour, with a sheen level of 30-35%. Prices 1L Intelligent Satinwood £37.00 2.5L Intelligent Satinwood £75.50 5L Intelligent Satinwood £121.00

Intelligent Floor Paint

Intelligent Floor Paint This revolutionary water-based paint is suitable for all floors and interior woodwork within the busy home. Easy to apply and, unlike oil-based alternatives, low odour and dry within four hours, Intelligent Floor Paint is durable and washable, with a sheen level of 30-40%. No more waiting overnight for the floor to dry, or complicated logistics whilst waiting for stairs to dry – life can continue virtually seamlessly with this Intelligent alternative! Prices 1L Intelligent Floorpaint £34.00 2.5L Intelligent Floorpaint £74.00

Intelligent Full Gloss

Intelligent Full Gloss A tough, washable paint with a high sheen, Intelligent Gloss is a quick-drying alternative Oil Gloss and is suitable for interior or exterior use. It is ideal for use on interior woodwork, metals and plaster walls, particularly in rooms which need to be cleaned frequently such as and bathrooms. Environmentally-friendly Water-based Fully washable Suitable for interior woodwork, plaster walls and primed metals Gloss level - 85% (high) Covers approx 14 square metres per litre (one coat) Available in all colours Prices 1L Intelligent Full Gloss £33.00

Tom's Oil Eggshell

Tom's Oil Eggshell The preferred finish of one of our senior chemists, this exterior eggshell, opaque wood finish has excellent flow, giving a beautiful low sheen on woodwork and metalwork. Available in all colours Extremely durable, flexible finish Weather resistant and completely washable Suitable for exterior woodwork and metalwork surface dry in 4 hours, recoat in 16 hours Fully washable Available in 2.5 & 1 Litre Low sheen (15%) Prices 1L Tom’s Oil Eggshell £37.00 2.5L Tom’s Oil Eggshell £75.00

Masonry Paint

Masonry Paint Gone are the days of a limited colour choice for exterior painting. Little Greene's Exterior Masonry Paint is available in almost all colours - use it to achieve a long-lasting matt finish on brick, stone or rendered walls. Environmentally-friendly Water-based Quick-drying to a smooth finish Will last 15 years on exterior walls before repainting is required Resists dirt Contains anti-fungal and anti aging properties to look good for longer Gloss level - 5% (very matt) Covers approx 13 square metres per litre (one coat) Available in almost all colours Prices 5L Masonry Paint £71.00

Annie Sloan


Proud stockists of global phenomenon Annie Sloan chalk paint, Splendid have an abundance of Paints, accessories and finishes to help you up-cycle pretty much anything! We hold a huge variety of sample pots as well as the bigger 1ltr tins, alongside waxes, brushes, stencils and more. Come and see our techniques boards for ideas and advice or sign up to one of our workshops where we invite you to up-cycle a piece of furniture here at a showroom in Chipping Norton.


Samples £5.95

1L Chalk Paint £21.95

500ml Wax £11.95

Samples Wax £5.95

Lacquer Matt/Gloss £21.95



High breathability paints. Low environmental impact. Earthborn environmentally friendly, water based paints come in a range of finishes to suit your needs.

We’re proud to be stockists of the first UK licence of the EU Ecolabel for Indoor Paints. 


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Other paint brands


Other paint brands we stock:

● Zoffany

● Sanderson

● Paint and Paper

● Andrew Martin

● William Yeoward