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New Andrew Martin Wallpapers

November 1, 2014

Andrew Martin are a quirky and original fabric and wallpaper who continue to surprise us with the range of their designs with every launch and this latest book continues to impress us. 

The two new wallpaper books “Attic” and “Navigator” are perfect examples of their work with so many unique designs on show. The balance between making a wallpaper interesting and different without being too busy or specific is a difficult art but thankfully for us Andrew Martin have achieved this with a flourish. The designs range from bookcases and architects sketches through to faux-wood walls in a parquet design; there really is a option for everyone in here. Other beautiful examples include one of a old map of London with roads wriggling and twisting along from borough to borough. Another is of a panelled wooden wall which has been created so delicately and accurately you feel you could almost reach out to touch the strong wooden curves of the wall. 

If you want to come and see these gorgeous new designs then please come and visit our Splendid Interiors showroom in Chipping Norton where we’ll be happy to show you Andrew Martin’s finest collection yet.