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Earthborn Paint

August 30, 2014

Earthborn paints are without a doubt one of the big upcoming names in the high quality paint industry. They’re success so far has been down to a mix of beautiful, soft colours and their brilliant Claypaint. Earthborn’s Claypaint has the advantage over the emulsion you are probably used to seeing from companies such as Farrow and Ball and Little Greene in that the fact it’s made from more natural products means that it is much more suitable when you need your walls to be able to breathe. Here in the Cotswolds it’s common to find houses where damp can be a problem due to older, thicker walls retaining water more easily and for longer periods of time. The Claypaint’s composition means that moisture present within the walls is able to pass through more easily, just like a limewash. The advantage that Claypaint has over limewashe though is that generally speaking they’re much thicker so offer better coverage as well as saving time or money (depending if you do it yourself or get a professional) as it’s much easier to apply. You can also get away with doing it over a couple of days whilst with a limewash this usually results in two-tone walls as the different drying conditions affect the colour more drastically. 

Earthborn Claypaint is also more environmentally friendly then most emulsions as it is made from entirely natural products. Not only does this mean you can feel good about yourself for being green but also that you avoid common painting problems such as bad odours or fumes. 

Even with these remarkable characteristics, Earthborn wouldn’t be the company they are without knowing something about colour too! They have an excellent range of colours which is complimented by a beautifully matt finish. With a real variety of styles throughout Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire it is a credit to the Earthborn range that they have the colours to suit all styles from the typical Cotswold cottage to the more contemporary looks of a London-style home away from the City. The matt finish allows you to transform a room to appear both warm and comforting with the reds and yellows or alternately use the greys and richer tones to create a stylish modern environment. Here at our Splendid Interiors showroom we stock all sample pots and also have painted boards to allow you to play around with a few different ideas and there is always someone to hand to answer any questions you might have with regards to design or application.