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Earthborn paints are renowned for their passion in creating paints that are not only high performance products, but also environmentally friendly. They strive to use natural products in their products and the result is a range of paints in soft colours with none of the smell of fumes present in other paints. Their Claypaint produces a very matt finish and is easy to apply with its thick and creamy consistency. This thicker consistency also gives their paints excellent coverage when compared to some more watered down paints which then require multiple coats to achieve the correct finish. This type of paint is ideal when being applied to lime plaster or onto walls where there is a history of problems with damp as it allows the wall to breath beautifully. Here at Splendid Interiors we will help to answer any questions you have about this product and can help choose the perfect colour for you using our painted cards to show you the different colours and finishes available within their range.