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Silent Gliss

As well as producing an excellent collection of bespoke roller blinds, Silent Gliss produce a wide range of other products too. Their collection of tracks is of the highest quality allowing them to provide the ideal product for any situation. We frequently get questions where people are concerned over what they believe may be problem features such as the need for curved tracks or heavy curtains requiring more support but Silent Gliss have the capacity to find a solution to all of these problems. Their strong metal designs also mean they have the ability to support even heavier lined and interlined curtains too unlike some plastic substitutes

Not only do they create a wide selection of manual tracking systems, they also produce a set of state of the art electronic tracks which can be operated using a variety of systems such as remote controls, wall switches and timers. This last feature in particular is very useful when it comes to security as it allows you to avoid having to ask someone to open or shut the curtains if you're away as the timer and light-sensing diode can be used to make the curtains or blinds open and shut at different times of the day. Any questions about these features can be answered in our showroom as well as showing you a working example of the feature in action.